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What cosplay do you want to see me do in 2014? (or make suggestions in comments) 

13 deviants said Abel Nightroad, bronze armor version - Trinity Blood
12 deviants said Xin Zhao, Warring Kingdoms version - League of Legends
8 deviants said Crusty - Log Horizon
7 deviants said Sir Lancelot (pre-bezerker) - Fate / Zero
4 deviants said Lord Ashram - Record of Lodoss War

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Convention Report Update

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 6:37 PM

Cosplayer | Photographer | Artist | Gamer | Gentleman | Misunderstood

Welcome to my dA page. Most of my better photos from con photography will be located here. You can also visit my Facebook page if you want to find more photos or if you want to tag one of my photos to your FB profile. If you need a photo to be credited to you, please leave a comment or contact me.

If you are looking for a random photo of you I took at a con, please visit my Facebook and subscribe. I also make my own cosplays but I post most of it on my Facebook account, if you're more interested in that then feel free to follow me on Facebook.

Journal Entry:

KATSUCON 20, FEBRUARY 13TH - 16TH, 2014   The Great Snow Con

Katuscon 20 Photo Gallery

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the long long delay in posting an update. My birthday is coming up shortly (depending what time zone you're in), but I wanted to put up my con report on my favorite convention of the year I always look  forward to : Katsucon! Held in Washington DC area. Also I'll post a quick synopsis of the other cons I went to at the end of 2013 but didn't get around to posting an update about.

As most attendees know, this year there was a major snow storm that blew through the Mid-Atlantic area of the US which caused alot of flight cancellations, delays in travels, or completely canceled trips. I normally fly out to Katsucon every year from Boston, MA but this year I decided to go by car since there is no way I would fit my Warring Kingdom's Xin Zhao  costume into a  suitcase. 

(BTW, here's a WIP photo from prior to the con, I am still working on the spear for AnimeBoston and Pax East)

I left early Thursday  morning around or before 9AM. It was snowing out but only light flurries, it didn't seem so bad at first for the first hour of the drive, but once I got into Connecticut that's when it really got bad. The snow was accumulating quite a bit on the road and started to fall heavily in large clumps. I rarely saw any plow trucks on the Connecticut highways as I did in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The road condition was quite treacherous but as a New England native, driving in snow was something I was accustomed to and my car was up to the task. However, I saw many vehicles plowed into snowbanks on the side of the road, probably lost control. What astonished me was how some people were so wreckless, speeding along at high speeds in these conditions. They were endangering other people (I almost got side swiped by a truck speeding pass me) by taking such risks. Also there were people who drove almost up to other car's bumpers which was just asking to rear end someone (6 inches of slush on the road = sliding to stop, dur). I was confident in my driving but had to constantly watch out for other people's thoughtlessness. After getting out of Connecticut, I started seeing clearer roads in New York and New Jersey (I guess all those tolls I pay does pay to keep the roads clear!), however I hit many potholes on the highway, and they were HUGE potholes. From New Jersey to Maryland, it was a pretty fast drive as I was going up to 70-80 MPH. Getting closer to Washington DC however the roads were built up with slush again and then as it started getting darker, snow started falling again. After 10 hours of driving I finally made it to Katsucon! There were a few freaky moments driving as I carefully kept the car in control through the piles of snow on the highway making it a memorable drive lol ;)

The shoots I had scheduled for Thurday had to be canceled due to the storm, so I walked around taking photos, chilling out and greeted friends that made it on Thursday. Fortunately, the majority of people I know made it safely. I got to meet BGZ Studios, an excellent photographer whos cosplay photography I follow. He has some really nice photography equipment!

On Friday, I had an early morning shoot with my friend Xelhestiel in her Thranduil costume from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug movie. There were alot of good photos for me to use, which I'll post up one onto my gallery soon:

Afterwards I got into my own costume, Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao, from League of Legends: 

I spent most of the day greeting most of my friends and fans, answering questions about armor constructions, working with worbla, and catching up on old times. Kamui was a guest at Katsucon and I got to speak to her briefly, she complimented on my armor work and I complimented her on  hers. Later  I was asked to be filmed by MLZ Studios / Cosplay Videographers and Beatdown Boogie's videography:

It was an honor to work with such talented videographers! I hope to create costumes worthy of their videography work in the future. I spent the rest of the night chilling out with fellow League of Legends cosplayers talking about our love and hate of League. 

On Saturday, I had a quick shoot with Andrea of her Anna cosplay from Frozen. Afterwards I got into Xin Zhao for the group gathering and then checked out my friends League cosplays, they were also very amazing to see in person. This year I decided not to attend WCS and Masquerade, instead I just wanted to socialize so walked around alot and hung around with old friends and new friends just derping around for fun. I was quite happy getting to see everyone again after a few months without a con to go to. There were a few people I didn't get to see but I hope to see them at their next con to chat, hangout, and catchup with shinnanigans.  There were a huge number of great cosplays I saw but didn't had my camera with me (operating a camera in armor is not practical). It was another great Katsucon this year and glad I made the long drive through the snow for.

Sunday morning I spent most of it packing up, but I learn I should of packed up last night and put things into my car in the morning as I forgot how backed up the elevators get on Sundays. On top of that the elevators in the garage broke down, only one of the group of elevators work which meant a large group of people trying to funnel into 2 elevators. There were many unhappy congoers but everyone was cordial and politely prioritized people who needed the elevators to go in first. After making 2 trips to my car, I whipped out my camera and started grabbing as many hallshots of cosplayers as I can before going home. I couldn't leave emptyhanded without photos!

My friend Laurel of Enchanted Cupcake Cosplay: 

Loved this one, I'm an Avatar fan XD

I thought this was GORGEOUS:

I got a shot of Kamui:

Anime USA, September 13th - 15th, 2013

AnimeUSA 2013 Photo Gallery

This is a smaller con set in downtown area of Washington DC. The location is beautiful, very scenic for alot of photography. It was smaller this year in attendance, I'd image due to the fact it is set in September right after DragonCon. Traditionally AnimeUSA is set in the early or mid November period, normally the last con of the year for me. I brought my Commander Heathcliff cosplay, complete with Holy sword and shield. I also did a couple of photoshoots. 

Knights of the Blood by EminenceRain

Photoshoot with Morgan in her Luna costume from Sailor Moon:
Luna, Sailor Moon by EminenceRain

Photoshoot with Becky as Luka, Sandplay | Singing of the Dragon:

Another Anime Convention, October 18th - 20th, 2013

I didn't cosplay at all for this con, it was a small convention near me but I was surprised how quickly it was booked out. It may have to move to a larger venue soon if its growing that fast. I went to this convention entirely as a photographer, bringing all my photography  equipment. I didn't do any hallshots, this was more of a hangout con rather than a cosplay con as it currently is but may evolve in the future. Here are some photoshoot work:

My friend Laurel, Enchanted Cupcake Cosplay

Megan and Casrissa as Panty & Stocking:

Emma as Rabi En Rose:

That sums up this journal entry. Next con is AnimeBoston. I'll see all my friends and fellow cosplayers there!

End Journal Entry

2014 Conventions

Katsucon 20
AnimeBoston 2014
PAX East 2014
Sakura Matsuri (NYC) 2014
Fanime 2014
AnimeNext 2014
ConnectiCon 2014
Otakon 2014
New York Comic Con 2014
Another Anime Con 2014 (Maybe)
AnimeUSA 2014 (Maybe)

If you are uncertain on identifying me at a con, I usually am armed with my Red Pentax DSLR camera and a pair of glasses.


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